Does He Not Care About Our Relationship?

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Does He Not Care About Our Relationship?
Mon, 04-10-2006 - 3:52pm

Here i am posting again because i'm going nuts. My b/f of 3 years has cheated on me, and we had another problem with this other girl, i didn't really classify her as him cheating on me. Before this all happened i had trusted him i think to much, i never worried. After the big dissapointment. I am extremely insecure. I can't trust him no matter how hard i try, i've gotten to the point of forgivness, but i cannot trust him. He has a porn problem on the internet, he spends lots of money with them and phone calls to. I always found them on our bills, then he figured if he threw them out i wouldn't notice, but i'm to smart, i knew. He always lies, he lies so much atleast 5 times a day to me, about dumb things and some of the time important things. I think he lives as another person without me. He recently started this new job about 3 weeks ago. Each time i would go into our car i noticed so many unfamiliar things that weren't mine or he wouldn't have an interest in.All of a sudden he mentioned this new girl who had started a week ago, and i asked him if they talked he said "no", then i asked him more personal questions about her and he could answer them. I asked him well how did you know these things? Then he confessed that they do talk. Would he have feelings for her if he didn't want to mention her to me. Or would he be cheating on me again. I'm really going nuts here, my heart is racing and i'm not sure how to confront him or should i not? Help Me, ASAP.


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Mon, 04-10-2006 - 11:13pm

It's not okay that he's lying to you. I would probably confront him if it were me. There's no reason to lie if he isn't hiding anything... it isn't okay. I caught stbx lying to me several times... and he always had good excuses when I confronted him. He's quite the manipulator. Your bf will probably have great explanations for all of his lies. But it does sound like his intentions are not good if he's not already up to something in my opinion. There's no need to lie if you aren't hiding anything.


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Fri, 04-14-2006 - 6:30am
hey, i would like to know. what was the signs of when he cheated on you. i get ignored and everything. please email me and help me out. thank you