OWs H has a blog detailing A...

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OWs H has a blog detailing A...
Wed, 09-30-2009 - 9:53pm

I just learned today that there is a blog out there with all the intimate details of my husband's affair. The H of the OW started it and he's at least smart enough not to name names. But he's advertising his blog on his Facebook page.

What would you do with this information? I haven't told DH yet. We are rebuilding and doing very well. I just feel like this hell will never be over especially if this guy won't let it die. His divorce was final last week and that was the day he started it. At this point, he's beating a dead horse.

I called my pastor who suggested I contact the man and ask him to remove the blog since it affects me, my child and his kids. If he won't take it down, I should ignore it. I hate to give this guy the satisfaction of knowing that it bugs me.

I don't know what to do and I can't think of anything else.

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Thu, 10-01-2009 - 1:49am

If the blog doesn't name your

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Thu, 10-01-2009 - 2:40pm

I TOTALLY agree with chijd!!! Why would it

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Thu, 10-01-2009 - 4:42pm

IMO he's just so po'd he's trying to lash out and hurt the only people he somehow thinks he can


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Fri, 10-02-2009 - 5:57pm

i am always amazed at how 'caring' women, especially women are even when in the midst of the nonsense that affairs lay at their doorsteps.

my humble opinion, but you are worried about how this will affect your husband. that is kind of you, however HE is the one who partially (along with the ow) caused this man all of this pain.

the fact that he is a man does not mean he is not hurting just as much as you did, or that we all do as women. allow him to purge his pain in whatever manner he feels justified in doing. since he has not named names your children should not be involved.

if, others know the two of you, they MAY be able to piece 2 and 2 together to make 4; but again this is what affairs do, they hurt, and they betray, and they destroy - BUT IN SOME CASES THOSE INVOLVED ARE ABLE TO WALK OUT OF THE DEVASTATION STRONGER THAN EVER.

please do not think that i am discounting your feelings in all of this, as i am not. i am sure it must only scrape on the scrab of betrayal to read it all. BUT you protecting your husband from the affects of his choice - i am not in favor of that.

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Fri, 10-02-2009 - 7:24pm

Hi Julee,

Hi Julee

My husband and I are trying to work it out too, but I have to say that I' d like to splash his #!ore and what she did to my children and I

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Sat, 10-03-2009 - 6:37pm


I was concerned for how this would affect H. Why the he!! should I worry about his feelings in all this? My SIL helped me see that also. She said if knowing about the blog is going to keep me up at night (it did) then I absolutely had to tell H b/c it's his fault that there even is a blog! Why couldn't I see that before?

Anyway, I told him, he didn't care. I no longer care either. I have read the blog and absolutely had to laugh when I read that he'd been unfaithful to her early in their marriage. Yet somehow that was ok?! I agree that the blog is his way of dealing and that's fine. I write too, I just keep to these posts and my journal. I have friends, my family, my pastor, and strangely enough, my H to help me through. Evidently he doesn't have that.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to write back to me.

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Sun, 10-04-2009 - 6:43pm


i know i'm a little late responding to your post, but i have been so busy and finally have a second to give mho.