Point MC made..

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Point MC made..
Sat, 01-14-2006 - 4:02pm

Our counselor said "Time alone passing does not help
with healing. It's what is done with the

For some reason this statement hit a chord with
me. Also thought it was worthwhile to pass on
for those who may be struggling with a WS who
thinks you'll be "fine" after a bit of time.


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Mon, 01-16-2006 - 7:07am
Story, Thank you! I wish I could understand why our ws feel that we can "just get past it". My H keeps saying we are back to where we were before. He is happy, he loves me and he is not going anywhere. All wonderful things to hear but it still does not make my healing move any faster!! I just wish he would get that!
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Mon, 01-16-2006 - 1:05pm
This is a point that Dr. Phil repeats over and over. Time heals nothing. It's what you do with the time that determines whether healing will take place. WS's need to hear this and understand bc all too often they think they're just "doing time" and they need to know that is NOT the case. You see BS's still at square one YEARS later. I met a BS last week who told me it took her 20 years to get over her H's betrayal. I'm 51 ... I don't think so.
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Mon, 01-16-2006 - 2:35pm

I have to agree with your MC...time itself doesn't