Thinking about events around the A

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Thinking about events around the A
Wed, 02-24-2010 - 8:35pm

So I finally found out WHEN it happened and I can't help to analyze the past.

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Wed, 02-24-2010 - 9:09pm

He may not even know why he was doing what he was doing.. maybe a couples therapy session or two may unearth some motivations..

but, there is one thing he should never take away from you.. and that's your right to question him any time, any where, however many times you like, about any detail that comes to your mind, about the affair.. forever..

As soon as he made the choice of wandering, you acquired the right to question it.. if he is not happy about this now, that's his problem not yours..

Stick to your guns and take him to task on his actions and attitudes whereever and whenever you feel is right..