What now?...sorry is long, so many things in my head

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What now?...sorry is long, so many things in my head
Fri, 08-31-2012 - 5:09pm
I just joined hoping I can get some advice and support others to the best of my ability...
A quick back story: After Been married for a little over a year and pregnant with our first child, I found out my husband was cheating on me with one of his co-workers, friend to both us and Woman who organized Our shower!...we had a lot of ups and downs, went to counseling, called our relationship off, got back together, I confronted her and in the end they said it had only been going on for about a month, it started shortly before the shower, she said she was the one to start flirting and suddenly one day he started to reciprocate...our relationship had change due to several family and external situations that affected both of us...I even called it quits one night and he said the affair started after that...since it was taking too long for him to find a new job (one of my requirements to stay) we moved to his hometown so that I could also stay home with our son...its been almost year of my Dday and I still seem to have a thousand questions...latetly, I've been obsessing over wether or not he used protection, so far he swears he did, alledgelly she provided it since he would just go over her place after work, but what gets me is that he is allergic to latex, so I wonder how did it work? He says it was always fast, but I just don't know how to feel about it, even asked him to have sex w me using latex and show me it can work, after several arguments (he says he doesn't want to f** me like he doesn't care about me) he agreed to, but I felt bad seeing him agree with tears and we haven't done it. Should I go ahead with it? I'm currently looking for a job and it makes
Menwonder if I should try been on my own with our son for a while? .....I believe my husband is really working on getting my trust back, he listens when I break down, is a great dad, supports me, helps around the house and tries to give me the things he knows I want. But is it really possible to recover 100% from an affair? Is it ok that sometimes I don't feel like having sex? I know I love him, but sometimes I feel like I'm not inlove anymore, is that part of the process?