feeling guilty, need some advice

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feeling guilty, need some advice
Mon, 03-10-2014 - 4:41pm

hi guys

i am looking for some solid advice, and a place to vent this out. my boyfriend of about 9 months decided to break up with me about 2 months ago. it was all very unclear because we then resolved to see a couples therapist. we had been doing that but after the last one last week he told me we need to stay broken up (i guess i took it more as us being on a break/working at things) and he needed to sort his own issues. he left things very unclear. he wants to move from our current city, he isnt happy, etc.

the other night i went out and had slightly too much to drink and wound up sleeping with a guy friend who has a girlfriend. i know. i feel absolutely terrible. i feel guilty for a few reasons here, the biggest being this guy being in a relationship. it will NEVER happen again. i know you all can pass some pretty terrible judgements but the reality is i have always been a very committed, loving person. i have always played by the rules and have done what i thought was right in life. i had a bad lapse in judgement and i know that is no excuse.

what do you guys feel about all this? i dont know why but i DO feel guilty about it if my ex and i were to get back together. would i need to tell him? i am so conflicted because he really broke my heart. he dumped me and i really did work so hard to save things and try to repair it all. i went to my own therapist, went to couples therapy with him. in the end i think he is just an unhappy person and does have issues. did i make a huge mistake here?