Hard to deal with....

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Hard to deal with....
Mon, 07-04-2011 - 2:25am

As of a few hours ago I had to break up with a girl I was dating for 5 months now. What she did she thinks is not a giant thing but to everyone I've spoken to they have been in complete shock. I had in the beginning of my relationship with her talk to her about posting pictures of her self in her bra and panties on this online site called "Tumblr." She agreed to never do it again and in that time deleted it for our relationship sake.

Now on this day I get a message from a mutual friend who found that she had indeed made another tumblr and had continued posting pictures of herself in the way we had fought about before hand. This time she had added nude ones as well. At that time I was frustrated and heart broken. I for one never thought she would EVER do that and to this time I feel as if I wasn't good enough to keep her attention. It was as if she needed my attention and all the other men of the world to see as well. The thing is that I would of never in a million years would of guessed this, eveyone that saw us together knew how much of a connection and great together we really were. As of now I'm trying to control my emotions and know that what I did with ending it with her was a positive reason and that I shouldn't date someone like her that can't respect herself nor me.

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Mon, 07-04-2011 - 4:28am

You've done the right thing breaking up - your and her morals and ethics are clearly incompatible.

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Wed, 07-06-2011 - 10:59am

I agree that you shouldn't be going out w/ this girl because you & she have different standards for what is acceptable behavior.

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Thu, 07-07-2011 - 4:44am