he breaks up then makes up all the time. how can i be strong and make a stance?

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he breaks up then makes up all the time. how can i be strong and make a stance?
Wed, 06-01-2011 - 1:01am
I have been with him for 16 months, I love him and I know in a weird way he loves me, however one minute he will be saying he loves me with all his heart and it could even be in same conversation he would be saying it won't work with us? I know there is no one else involved, next he will be saying its best we part, then next morning he will contact saying he feels physically sick and can't live without me? This is wearing me down, what I wanna know is how I can say NO enough is enough, when he cones back wanting me, as I know I can't live without him but I can't go on like this...help! Xx
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Chrystal, while you are saying things like "I can't live without him" the situation won't change.

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You will reach your breaking point and probably then it wont matter to you if he goes or comes, that is indifference. Such guys dont find happiness and then ask for it when its gone. But hey, you would be gone when he comes !!
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Yes, you can live without him. You're not going to shrivel up and implode without him. In fact, if you didn't have all this drama, heart string pulling in your life - I think you'd be quite better off!

You can control this you know, you just need to break up with him for good. Because frankly if he's been doing this for 16 months already, then I don't see any end it to it. You have to end it by saying good bye to him. Maybe you are addicted to drama if you say you cannot live without him.
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How someone acts is their responsibility, when you let them continue to behave badly towards you is yours. When you believe for yourself that you don't need this crap in your life, this wishy-washiness, this back-and-forth, this immaturity, this childlike drama, then you'll just be done with it.

No one can give that power to you with a few words, you have to take that power yourself. Have faith you're worth more than how he's behaving towards you, and then start acting like it.

Good luck!

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Of COURSE you can live without him.........and you can live much BETTER without his craziness!

He will continue to do this for the next 50 years, because he knows it doesn't matter, you'll always be there for him, and take him back.

You can't change him, or anyone else except yourself.