How can i move on when i'm still deeply in love with him

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How can i move on when i'm still deeply in love with him
Thu, 06-23-2011 - 10:37am

Ok so let's start from the beginning. Kevin and I dated for 2years.

I met my ex boyfriend when i was 18 and we were going to the same college. He gave me his phone number.. and I waited 3days to call him .
We went out ..and he felt in love with me. I didn't feel the same way back then but i grew deeply in love with him over the time we spent together.
There wasnt a day or a night I wouldn't sleep with him or be with him. We were always together for 2 full years.
He asked me to marry him after 2months of being together. So I said yes . We were engaged for almost 2years.
Then we moved in together in another city after being together for a year and a half. We went to study abroad.
It was perfect..until I became his mom.
He used to cook for me, buy me flowers. picking me up at the bus stop.
He used to write little notes and hide them in my purse or clothes. But then after a while he had no consideration for everything i did . Cooking, cleaning, folding, and many more.
He was tired when he would come back home. I get it . So I would come back home earlier and cook for him. Food was always ready when he got home.
He started to be lazy and careless. But everytime I was sad , he would come to me and ask me whats wrong.
I just didnt have the patience anymore. I was far from home and far from my friends and I broke up with him.

I begged for him to take me back. But it was too late .. So I moved out without him knowing. I couldn't be in the same house as him. When i knew he didn't want me back.
So I moved out. And i promised myself I would never go back.
2months later , he wanted to see me. 2months is a long time for a break up. I was too proud. He hurt me so much that I didn't want him to hurt me again so I didnt meet him.

4months later. I meet this really really nice guy which is still my boyfriend today. I called my ex because I wanted a closure. He told me how much he hated me how much this and that. But then he called me back and said im sorry i didnt mean to. i just miss you but im glad you foudn someone because i did too. And he said how could i ever forget you .

So that was it. We didn't talk for at least a year and a half.
Until now, he messaged me saying hows life . He messaged me like a lot of messages. then BOOM he stopped out of nowhere.

So I was wondering what happened. Why all of the sudden he stopped messaging me.
What we had was perfect until we moved in together. He was just perfect, waking up in the middle of the night because he heard me crying .. I miss him so much. And the memories of us still haunt me .|
I havent seen him in 2years . I just really wish I could see his face again.

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I supsect your Ex