Rational - Move On; Emotional - Stuck

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Rational - Move On; Emotional - Stuck
Tue, 03-26-2013 - 12:27pm

Good Afternoon,

My ex and I have been apart for 7 months now. We were in a relationship for 13 years prior to the break up and we have a 6 year old daughter together.  After 1 year of the relationship, we became engaged; but I was not comfortable with marrying him since I found out a few mistruths during the relationship. Even though, I figured the lies did not warrant an end to the relationship plus I grew to love him dearly. In the 13 years I continued to discover lies and he was unfaithful quite a few times; but I forgave and stayed...thinking things would eventually change.

It appears I came to my senses 7 months ago and ended things with him. After the last instance of cheating, I told him if it happened again, he's out. Well it happened again (which he denied and the woman denied but the text messages between the two said something totally different). Initially he refused to leave my home. Our families got involved and he eventually left. He was so very bitter with me and said I did him wrong and handled the situation wrong.

Throughout the first few months, we could not have a calm rational conversation..we argued all the time. I found out that he started dating someone 1 week after he left my home.. of course he denies dating anyone but the woman contacted me and said she is the "side b*$ch". He claims he doesn't know  the woman like that and she is just a casual acquaintance and she has no reason to do such a thing.

Last week, my ex sent me a text stating that he loves me and our daughter and apologized for the things he'd done. And just yesterday, that same woman contacted me asking me if my ex told me that he is now single. I asked her not to contact me anymore. When I asked my ex about her comment, he said he didn't want to talk about that woman because he barely knows her like that and he hung up in my face. (I forgot to mention that he is 43 years old and the woman is 25)

I always thought if he'd just be honest with me, I could move on with my life and find closure. I have not dated anyone since our break up and feel as though he may change and we may eventually get back together. I know this is a crazy thought. I want to move on and find someone who can make me happy but I feel like I am stuck!

Please provide any advice.