7years, a baby and a girl on the side HELP!

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7years, a baby and a girl on the side HELP!
Wed, 08-22-2012 - 11:01am

Long story short 7years and a 2year old, both with a pill habit. I got help moved out told him we cant be together until he changes with me I cant be sober and be with him. Never dealt with any feelings always thought we would be together.

Well, he starts seeing the girl that he once cheated with and who has for 7 years tried always to come in the middle of our relationship( i think this is what hurts the most)

i realized he was with her she spends everynight with him only been 2 months.( that theyve been together)

He trys to play me week by week one week he doesnt care the next he wants to be with me and that is what hurts me more. Im having a terrible time detaching myself. im hurt and im angry and im super bitter

and i just cant shake it off. i think part of the problem is that i feel like i could still be with him at one point. and another is i allow him to do this to me.

then on the other hand we have a child that he has not once asked to see since we split ( he was a good dad) only if i ask him to watch her does he see her and then on top of that i cant stand that fact that girl is there so i dont want my daughter near her ( which i know at some point when there is a custody agreement i cant change who he is going to have her be around)

the whole thing is just eating me up inside im so jealous and hurt becuase i feel like he wasnt supposed to run off he was supposed to fight for his family it do what it took to be with us and he didnt take that road. i cant stop thinking about it these are the thoughts that consume my mind night and day

i try to get out but i have no one to go out with so i just work and come home and spend time with my daught ( i think thats half the battle)

Please help.

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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 1:20pm


I think you should contact your local narcotics anonymous group for help. www.na.org. They have resources and intake counselors who will be able to point to you to community resources to assist you.

I also encourage you to find your local state department of human services. You can apply for food stamps, housing assistance, and other assistance through them. You may also get help getting a job and child care for your daughter.

The only other advice I can give you is try to stop wondering if it would work out for you two. It sounds like he's never been able to be faithful to you or this other woman would never have been in the picture so long. Take care of your daughter and get help for yourself so you can move forward and have a better life.