Can he ever get over it?

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Can he ever get over it?
Sun, 08-12-2012 - 1:33pm

I posted before. I am getting the help i need i mess up in the relationship i started to guilt trip him and know it now i look at it i feel horrible. There so much i have realized in 3 or 4 months like my parents abused me and not yet my daughter but i am starting to see it. He broke up with me bc of stress with school work side projects and my family. He could handle i guess. We tried to be friends but with all the emotional issues i been going through just didn't work out i was too much i know it. Before all this everything was great he was my other half and still is. i am lost with out him and know that i will always be i love him unconditionally. But could he get past what i have done and see what i was going through had to do with the fact why i said or did the things i did? He said we could be friends and wants to be friends but he don't think there is a future for us anymore in dating. Could with time maybe that will heal and he will see? advise? I know i have to move on and i am but i am not looking to get back what we had i just know what we could,