My boyfriend posted ads on Craigslist...

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My boyfriend posted ads on Craigslist...
Sun, 06-27-2010 - 9:29pm

Last night I found out that my boyfriend of a year and a half has posted ads on Craigslist under "Casual Encounters". In one ad he even put his number (but on CL they don't allow this to go through). He also has an Xtube account and he posted comments and messages to other girls but they never responded. Basically my boyfriend has had a one-way relationship online. He claims no one ever responded to his ads and that he never responded to any ads. I feel so hurt that he would be doing this behind my back for this long. (Some of the posts he sent were a day before our anniversary, and two days before a vacation we took together). He cried and said he has never and will never do anything with anyone. He's begging my forgiveness. I just don't know what to do. And we are supposed to be moving in together this summer. A slight "twist" is that he caught me drunkenly making out with an ex six days into our relationship and he forgave me. But my infidelity was a one-night mistake. His lasted almost a year. I pointed out that I felt so guilty when I was making out with that guy and I would feel incredibly guilty putting an ad on CL. He said he felt guilty too. BUT HE POSTED ON CRAIGSLIST 5 TIMES! How can you feel guilty and post over and over? He deleted his accounts and he even got sick because he felt so guilty. He said he only did this stuff online because he was bored, but he never planned for it to go anywhere. I can't help but think "What If?" What if someone responded to his ad and they talked back and forth through e-mail? What if he's lying and he DID meet with someone? The most hurtful part is that I never really thought he would do something like this. I knew he liked watching porn but I never ever thought he would post ads on Craigslist offering his "hard d**k" and leaving his number. I do believe that he would never do this again - but how can I get over the fact that this even happened in the first place?

I just don't know what to do. Sorry this was so long-winded but I need to vent and am very embarrassed to tell my friends.