Awfully quiet around here...

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Awfully quiet around here...
Sat, 10-20-2012 - 12:06am

What's everyone up to?

Not much going on with me.  I have such a simple, peaceful life.  Just me and MH in retirement and doing whatever comes our way.  I could use a little more excitement, or something new...create a spark in my life...and so I'm thinking about taking a night what, I don't know.  I think what's holding me back is the fact that I've gotten so use to not having to be anywhere, that I'm reluctant to put myself into a position where I will HAVE to be somewhere.  Perhaps, if I pick something to really look forward to, that will become a non-issue. I'm thinking of maybe purchasing a tape on Yoga...don't have to go anywhere further than the livingroom and do it whenever I want to.  But, I feel I need to move and shake...and get out.

I wish we lived closer to the kids and grandkids...I'd love spending time with them as nanaclarity...but they live in Colorado. *sigh*

So, tell me, what's up with you?

group (((hug)))


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Sat, 10-20-2012 - 12:20am
I suspect it is extra quiet since many of us post from our phones on the weekend. Which means that a lot of us can only see the first post in a thread. I was insanely busy at work today. Like, didn't even have time to pee insanely busy ;) Which was not so terrible. It was the anniversary of xAPs big fishing expedition last year after 4 months of NC and 9 months since his last (unanswered) email to me. Hosting a big family event this weekend so up to my eyeballs with that too. There never seems to be enough time for anything. What kinds of courses would you be interested in?
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Sat, 10-20-2012 - 7:43am

Off to Barre Method class in 5.  LOVE it.  Love going to the gym. 

Do not like being home much, mostly because of my H constantly complaining and yelling (although he's been better this week since we began therapy).  We are both telecommuters, but fortunately, he works in our finished basement, so a bit of a buffer there.

I am busy running a new start-up company with my business partner, which is starting to take root.  We are *VERY* excited.

I think I'll be working until I pass into the afterlife.