Christmas Plans

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Christmas Plans
Sun, 12-16-2012 - 12:34am

What are yours?

MH will be cooking a spiral ham for the two of us.  He balked a little at the idea this year because they are generally pretty big and we do end up throwing some of it out...even though it is the only meat I'll eat three days in a row...and only because of the nice sauce I eating the ham seems like dessert too :)  So, this Jewish American Princess was adamant about getting her Christmas spiral it is it shall be done.  I think he should invite his Mother...I made the suggestion anyway...send her home with leftovers :)

How are you doing with your shopping and wrapping?

I only have a few gifts to buy.  I bought one for MH and as soon as I remember to pick up wrapping paper, I'll wrap it and probably something else too.  I tend to wrap my presents as I get them and put them under the tree.  I'm also looking for an introduction to opera tape for my girlfriend who has suddenly become quite a Freddy Mercury fan...and he studied opera...and she's kinda getting into opera now too.  So who better than Puccini?  Or maybe just the best highlights of some of the famous operas.  

I also bought a nice new comforter with matching shams and 3 matching pillows.  And I sprung for new sheets.  The sheets suck.  They are Percale 400 count...Egyptian cotton, but apparently there really IS something to the word 'crisp' in the description of the sheets on the package.  Even after being washed they are still crisp...I hate a sheet!  I like soft.  I mean, what's the deal with crispy sheets anyway...stiff and noisy is what the description SHOULD say.  And now because I've washed them, I can't return them.  

We'll have a quiet peaceful day.

So, what are your plans are how are they coming along?



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Sun, 12-16-2012 - 1:12am
  1. Christmas is CRAZY in my life, I work for a huge shopping centre in Centre Management...need I say more on that front!
  2. My inlaws are coming for Christmas, they live a 10 hour drive away, I am not looking forward to that, as I will be working flat out up to late Christmas Eve and I will be expected to have a full dinner prepared the next day, we had organised to have Christmas with friends (we do this every year) and we were having a Turduken, thats a chicken inside a duck inside a Turkey! Yum!! We cook it overnight and have it cold for lunch with salad, as its usually so hot here on Chrismas Day.  For tea we have a seafood BBQ.  Now though the mother inlaw will want the full swag of ham, turkey etc etc, all i want to do Christmas Day is lay by the pool, drink cocktails and relax. I havent had Christmas with my family since my Mum passed away in 2003.
  3. As for gifts, i dont start until after the 18th, as our daughters birthday is that day and we like to keep it seperated, this year she is 18 so we are also having a big party here on the 22nd!  Lucky for me we are off to Bali in mid January!  
  4. So with that I wish you all a very very Merry and Safe Christmas...much Love to all! except maybe xap's Tongue Out
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Sun, 12-16-2012 - 6:57pm

 Wow. Christmas plans..hmm...spent the day at the prison so the guys could practice for a christmas concert. Very heartwarming.

Now home to celebrate the last night of Hanukkah with extended family. (we are a mixed faith family). Latke's, dreidles, and chocolate coins for kids to gamble await!

Our kids are all coming home next Wednesday (i am taking the day off of work) to celebrate an early Christmas. We plan to have a simple meal...soup and some frisbee and exchange gifts.

A couple of Christmas parties for work...then Christmas eve with my extended family. ..the same ones here tonight for Hannukah. We will go to a late night service, then back to my parents for eggnog and exchange of gifts.

Christmas day? Keeping it simple this year. Had plans to get some nice tablets for all the kids this year..but medical realities have changed our budget considerably. Pajamas and books it is for everyone;) It will be just me, H and the 3 kids who are still living at home. As for food...shiskabobs it is. A tradition we started 20+ years ago. Plan to stay home,open gifts, watch a lot of x-mas movies..and just be lazy!

Looking forward to it.

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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 4:16pm
Christmas is a good time - I live near some of my family with some of my grown up kids - Christmas Eve we always have mexican food at my sister's house. Our family is in charge of games (minute to win it style) which will be really fun, and we stay up late, and my brother in law will read the Christmas story from the bible after the little kids do a nativity play and then off to sleep in new jammies.... Christmas Day we go to lunch at my Mom's house. We've shifted off the normal swag, I think this year we're smoking a brisket and we'll have an assortment of finger/side dishes to go with. My girls and I are running away to a theme park for a couple of days after Christmas, so that will be fun and we'll be back just in time for me to go to a formal adult party for New Years. I always feel like the holidays are so rushed that I don't get to spend time with or do enough with my kids and family, so this year I took off extra time over the holidays. I'm not sure if that will work in my favor or not.
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Wed, 12-19-2012 - 4:20pm

Hey Clare Bear,

We will get up on Christmas morning and open presents.  Well, really we will watch the small boy open his presents, since DH and I have decided to get stuff for the house instead of for each other this year.  Then we will go to MIL's house, for breakfast.  Brunch.  And we will spend an hour or two in utter chaos, because she believes "more is better!" when it comes to presents.  From there, I am hoping that we will be able to go home for a bit, to have a little down time/quiet time, and then it's off to my sister's house in the mid-afternoon.  There will be lots of kids there, and lots of food, and hopefully some super delicious grandchildren for me to munch on.  What?  You've seen pictures - you know that they look absolutely chompable.  :)

It will be a long day, but a happy one. 

And we're hosting DH's family holiday party this year (with all of the aunts, uncles, cousins and SO's) on Saturday, and it's a potluck deal, and I am making a spiral ham for that, and probably some other things.  Pie, I think.  There should be pie, right?  Everyone likes pie!

Shopping...I still need to do a little bit, but I will take care of that on Friday.  And I am hoping that all of the online stuff really does come in on time, the way they say it will because I am a giant procrastinator and well...there you go.

I don't want to talk about wrapping.  I hate it.  Absolutely hate it, everything about it, it makes me super unhappy and crabby and I hate it.  But I am too cheap to go for the "we'll wrap it for you - for FIVE DOLLARS A PACKAGE" option, so I will spend my Christmas Eve wrapping presents and crabbing about it.  (Sounds like a lovely evening, amiright?)

Hugs all around,