A Christmas Story

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A Christmas Story
Thu, 11-29-2012 - 4:12pm


Once Upon A Time (last year), MH and I attended for the first time his Submariner's Org.'s Christmas Party.  A friend of his (a weird friend...don't like him) told us to bring a 'swap' gift.  "It's no big deal...bring anything...an old video...something from the garage...no big deal."  I'm thinking how that's a little weird..."anything?"...so I offer to buy a nice little something for the swap.  Nope, "Weirdo friend say anything hanging around."  MH has the perfect gift...a grease gun.  It's new..."but but but a grease gun, Honey?"  "It'll be fine."  "FINE" 

Now, most everyone has been in this organization for a while and so has been attending these Christmas parties...and swapping gifts...and so know the deal.  I won a lovely lead crystal with a cranberry design etching Christmas candy bowl.  I watched others as they unwrapped their mostly-Christmas-themed fun and pretty gifts.  Some poor chump got a grease gun.  I didn't even want to look around...to catch that face of whomever won that grease gun.  All I heard was, "oh boy...a grease gun." *Hold it up!...said the crowd*

So, guess who shopped for our gift to swap this coming Sunday?  That's right...you are soooo smart.

(((group hug)))


If you've got a good or heart-warming or fun Christmas Story to share, please do so...keep this thread going through the Holidays.

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