Christmas wishes

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Christmas wishes
Fri, 12-21-2012 - 1:46pm
Hi all, It's awful quiet round here, so I hope that means your all doing well and looking forward to Christmas - but sadly I doubt all of you are doing well, and the silence is due to the crappy board transition.... Christmas is a tough time for those out there still lingering in an A - I was hanging on by a thread last year and ruined my 3rd but luckily my last Christmas due to my self inflicted misery. Anyway, this Christmas I find myself in a completely different place than last year. It difference is quite remarkable, and I have started seeing my xAp everywhere - yep, he's in every sad middle aged men I see.... No offense to any middle aged man out there ;-) - I'm sure my xAp sees me everywhere - the desperate housewife looking for excitement !!! "Seeing" him everywhere certainly is a wake up call - I'm not in that bad place where I need that sort of attention... I'm in a good place and able to sort the good from the bad and understand right from wrong... Feels so good to know the difference, know the boundaries and the line I crossed is firmly back in place. I couldn't have made it here without really wanting it, and finding the power in change!! Adding the support of the dedicated people on this board I am in a much better place. So my Christmas wish is for these boards to come back from the dead in 2013! Merry Christmas all - I will be offline for a while - we are all off to my parents for Christmas :-) :-) Love WGO
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