Clairefree is our newest Tweener!

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Clairefree is our newest Tweener!
Sat, 12-29-2012 - 4:02pm

That's it!  I think I remember.  Clairefree right? Such a memory for one who's memory cannot be relied upon these days. HAH!  No more clairelostinlove...AHAH!

Three months NC...three months affair free.  Did you ever think it possible?!  We did!  We knew you had it in you...and you proved us right!

We are so proud of you.  Now we haven't seen you around for a while, but guess what...I never really worried because when you were here last, you were determined...and I felt you had turned a major corner...never to go back.

So, come out come out wherever you are and accept these Wings! Fly yourself to knew heights, Claire...and face in the direction of Super'll be here before you know it.

Congratulatory (((HUG)))


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