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The Clearing Fog
Mon, 12-31-2012 - 7:16pm

Well for those of you that know my story you will know its a roller coaster, the physical A ended in September but emotionally it has continued, until yesterday!! Over the last week xap and I have been for coffee twice, lunch once, had a few drinks and he left me a Xmas gift in my drawer at work, a heart shaped chocolate. I certainly don't want to get back into the A but I do love him and his friendship. Then on Friday he had the day off work and I received the most evil, viscous text from his wife telling me to stop this obsession I have with him, and why don't I get it that he hates me and wants nothing to do with me, she even called me a dumb slut, I was so upset I felt betrayed by xap, I have no idea what brought this on?? So I did nothing, then yesterday NYE at work I couldn't even look at him, he never spoke to me either, I am confused?? Did he know about the text?? So I forwarded it to him and at the bottom I put "consider me out of your life for ever" I don't know what I was expecting in reply, but what I got was another text from his wife saying "thank f@@k for that". 

where to from now?? Do I confront him? Or do I try to ignore him, not sure what to do?? Please help! 

One thing I do know is "we are never ever ever getting back together"

Happy New Year to all 

T xxx


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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 12:39am

From here on in, I'd strongly suggest that you stay out of his life and move on. Doesn't matter why this all came down...the point is that you have no business being anything together anyway.

I wouldn't approach him at all...just go about your business.  You can do some praying that his wife doesn't go spilling your beans to your husband or act out in any other way.  A betrayed spouse can make your life miserable, right or wrong.  We never know how someone will behave in the face of betrayal...but I've heard it all.

Consider this an opportunity to start 2013 with a clean slate.  You said you had an interview for another job.  Is that coming up?  


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