Friday Freedom Mantras...what's yours? What does freedom mean to you?

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Friday Freedom Mantras...what's yours? What does freedom mean to you?
Fri, 04-13-2012 - 12:04pm
Hi everyone,
I just thought I would start a thread where we can have a place to jot down some mantras we use for new found freedom from the A-hole, as well as answering this question...What does freedom mean to you?

I'll start..."Freedom from the A-hole is a renewal of myself. Rebuilding from the inside out."
"Appreciating me for who I am as a person. This is possible, now that I am out of the A-hole."
"Accepting...that xap (plural) are GONE, in the PAST, and accepting that I am NOT who I was."
Freedom to me means...I am free to be who I was created to be. I am present in my RL, for my H, my children, and for ME. :)

Hearts <3
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Happy Friday, Heartsofsix :)

I don't use a particular Mantra these days, but as far as freedom goes...

All my energy is no longer tied up in trying to figure out what makes me tick...I know who I am now (pretty much)...which in turn gives me the freedom to navigate around people who have a negative influence.

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Hi Hearts! For me I feel free because I am taking responsibility for my happiness and well being. I am free to choose people who enhance my life and disregard those who compromise it. I am free when I don't care what others think so much (and I am really getting there) and I am free from XAP manipulating my sympathies to keep me tangled in deception. Hugs for a happy weekend!
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Freedom means:

Free to enjoy my Fridays without having to SMS him all night because he's bored - instead enjoying my kid and spend time making sure they are not bored :-)

To be myself, not perfect, not always in a funny, witty, happy mood. Instead just to switch off and enjoy the peace I finally have in my life.

Free to not have to edit or censor my life to please some else - yes I actually have kids, 2 of them, and I'm proud of them you jack a*s.

Free to have problem at work, with friends and family, I no longer have to pretend I'm not a real person without feelings.

Free to make plans without considering if I'm going to tell xAP the truth or have to make something up do not to hurt his feeling - I though he had feelings - he actually didn't give a sh.. what I did!!!

Freedom to feel good about myself and be proud of my personal accomplishments - freedom not to just be an object to be played with but a person of substance.

Oh dear I could go on... I'm really feeling good about ending today, I'm really starting too feel the waves of relief fall over me - very fulfilling - so wonderful to feel this way :-)

Thanks for starting this post :-)
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Hiya hearts.

I am free because I am living just one life instead of splitting myself into.

My latest mantras:
Be where you are. Here, in this moment, all is well.

I am not in control of or responsible for other people's actions, responses or emotions. I let go of that.

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Quit being wimpy.
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Don't pursue...just be you.

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This too shall pass.
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Love them all!!! :) :) :) :)
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