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You made it!  An entire year out!  How does it FEEL?  I know you have been up against many challenges...it's awesome that you've been able to push through.  

Your participation on this Board has been so appreciated and invaluable.  You shared yourself openly and honestly and reached out to others with compassion and insight.   

I can, so I will, speak for all us Vets...even though I am sure they'll chime in too...you do us proud.  

So, here you go girl! ....heyyyy <pouty face> where is it?  Oh brother...not this again.

I'm hoping at least the link to the medal shows up here...like when this all happened to me the last time.



edited to say...I see the link!, but I so wish I could get the pic right in the post.



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Thank you all so much for chiming in. Wow! What a difference a year has made in my life. A year ago, I would never have imagined that in the place that I am today. By that, I don't mean that I couldn't believe that I would get out of the A and a year NC. I mean that I am in a place that is so much healthier inside, emotionally and mentally.

Working on me was a strange concept, really, seriously. I had always been the one who pleased others, never really thinking about what I wanted or what made me happy or fulfilled, I grew up in an environment that left me with the concept that love and happiness were not meant for me.

My life is not perfect, far from it, but I am able and have the courage to take decisions that are good for me and for my children. I would not be where I am without the collective wisdom of this board and the friends I have made here.
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Congratulations Happyasme!

You made it - 1 year - a VET - thats so amazing - see you there soon ;-)


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HAPPY!  Yay for you! I know this has been rough and I haven't been in touch recently.  Hope your divorce is going as well as possible. 




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Wow! Congratulations Happy!  You should be so so proud of yourself!  You stuck to it, even when it was tough and you ahve been a wonderful support to everyone else on the board.

So, tell us how you are feeling your royal Vet-ness?  :smileyhappy:



3 months and 11 days to go for me! (darn trying to be friends slip up, grumble grumble)

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It's a long hard road to walk but you did it!!!!
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You know that I am and have been one of your biggest fans. I hope you realize how many people you have touched with your bravery, and your honesty, and your willingness to share your journey.

I feel so blessed and honored to know you, my sweet Happy.

And I am SO proud of you - for all that you have accomplished in the last year, and for all that you are.




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Echo all that's been said - your posts are always straight to the heart of it delivered with humour and honesty. You utterly deserve your Vet status and we are privileged to have your wisdom and support.

((excited hugs))

Yellow xx

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Oh my goodness, Happy.  I am SO proud of you!  

You are one of the strongest people I have encountered.  You are taking charge of your life and your children's future.  You have learned so much and continue to do so.  Plus, even when in crisis, you are still supportive of others.

Congratulations, sweets.  I'm proud to know you.