Has anyone's spouse become suspicious because of EAS?

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Has anyone's spouse become suspicious because of EAS?
Sun, 08-05-2012 - 8:30pm

I'm on EAS quite a bit...whether on my PC or iphone.  Most of the time I'm reading, but sometimes I am posting too.  On occasion, DH has asked 'what are you doing?' or glanced at the screen while walking by (he has poor eyesight without his reading glasses so I doubt he can see specifics of what EAS is). 

I've wondered if anyone has had a D-day because spouse has found out about their activity on EAS?  I'm careful to do 'private browsing' on my PC and close out the browser on my phone but I suppose it's only a matter of time before I get careless or forget.

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My husband knows I post on EAS. So no for me. I've had a D-day and he is supportive of me posting here and on other boards on IV.


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Hi there,

My H did find out because of this. I decided to write a very detailed story. He went on the site and happened to find my screen name (I was stupid in the screen name given as wel) and he went into the post and found out about the affair. It was awful!!! So be careful..if i had only known about pm back then it would have been different!

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It's definitely a nuisance...between the HUGE TYPE ANNOUNCING THE PAGE YOU'RE ON or the condom ads, it's hard to keep a low profile. I use Google chrome for my browser, then always use an incognito window within that. you can close it in an instant and it doesn't leave a trace. Besides that I NEVER leave the computer on or have the screen where DH can see it...made it 12 yrs without a D-day before ending, not about to lose it now.