Hey! Malepov is a VET today--anybody have the appropriate award?

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Hey! Malepov is a VET today--anybody have the appropriate award?
Thu, 04-12-2012 - 12:35pm

From what I see from the last roll call, malepov has made it a year. Let me be the first to say congratulations and I wish I were there too!



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Well look at those handsome Vet Wings on you MalePOV!!! No one deserves this more than you because not only have you done the hard work, but you give back and set an excellent example for the rest of us. Congratulations and a big (((((proud of you squeeze))))! GH
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Very many congratulations MalePOV! Your wisdom has been blazing across the boards in recent weeks and we are very grateful. You deserve this honour and we are all very proud of you.

Much love to you

Yellow xx

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Wow MPV this is amazing!!! 1 year NC - I know it's been tough on you, but your posts are always meaningful and insightful - I think you have helped many of us much more than you know or will give yourself credit for.

Thanks for sticking around - I think the men on this board also appreciate your presence here.

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Malepov hung with the chickens for an entire year already????

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Way to go!!
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This is wonderful news!!!

MPV, you have been an important and valuable part of this board. I have loved seeing your progression and how strong you have gotten over the 9-10 months I have been here. I've learned a lot from your posts and I know others have too.

Congratulations on attaining Vet status officially and (even though I am not supposed to, you being a *male* and all) a big cyber hug for you from me. :)

So happy for you!
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Congratulations MalePOV!!!
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Congratulations, MPV!

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Wow! This is so exciting! You have been such an asset to this board and a great example of strength thru struggle. I'm thrilled for you. Congratulations MalePOV!

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