Hope you all have a great.....

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Hope you all have a great.....
Thu, 04-24-2003 - 12:56pm
weekend and a terrific week next week!!! I will be headed on vacation in less than 24 hours and can't wait!! I think it will do me a lot of good. Has been a rollercoaster ride the last few days!!

I'll miss you guys!!!


Karry - - who is learning to embrace life on her own raising her miracle, Carley Paige

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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 1:51pm
Have a good time. Take advantage of it to reconnect with your husband. Enjoy your daughter.

My week will pretty much be the same. Work, laundry, read, eat, sleep, try to keep up with my boards, etc. Same old routine until Sunday, that is. A friend and I are taking off for the day to a huge arts & crafts show. Now, that should be fun, except for the fact that I have no $$ to spend whhile I'm there!


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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 2:44pm
Karry - I really hope you have a wonderful time. Don't worry about us. We'll be looking forward to your return so you can tell us all about it! Enjoy this time with your family. You deserve it!

Hugs to you.


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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 4:06pm
Have a great time Karry! Let us know all about it when you return :-)