How To Guard Your Heart

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How To Guard Your Heart
Sun, 05-04-2003 - 2:12pm
The very first thing I want to do is caution each of you that this post is going to be long and spiritual. So if you have a problem with a person who is spiritual posting, you may want to skip it.

HOW TO GUARD YOUR HEART. This for me is where the screen name I use came from.

When we refer to the heart, we often get a distorted view of what it really is. The word Kardia is Greek for heart and in the physical sense, it circulates blood, weighs less than 1 pound, is the size of our fist and has the ability to beat 72,000 times a minute. It can pump 1800 gallons through 16,000 miles while we go about our daily lives.

When we talk about heart, there are many versions. If a person is kind and compassionate, they are soft hearted. If a person is cruel, they are heartless; Sincere, then they speak from the bottom of their heart. There are so many more I couldn't list them all here and I'm sure you can think of a few on your own.

In TRUTH which for me is biblical, the heart is mentioned over 900 times. Heart is the key to our lives. The heart is our entire mental and moral activity and contains and/or represents true character. The heart is all you are as a person. And believe it or not, it is where you think and remember. We believe we think with our minds? I dare you to look it up... EPH. 4:17, PSLM. 119:11, and HEBREWS 4:12. So your heart is where you think, you feel and where God is. None of us are born with God there. It is a choice to invite Him in and believe with your heart that He is there. This causes extreme change in most people.

Your heart is where you feel. It is the seed of all our emotions. EPH. CH. 5:19 representing love and joy. NEH 2:2 representing sorrow; PSLM 37:4 about desire, 2Cor. 2:4 is where you'll find grief and for believers 1Peter 3:15, EPH 3:17 and 2 Cor 1:22 which addresses where God lives. And in every case, the scripture refers to the heart.

So how does one go about guarding something so precious? If you have read this far, you must want to know, so here it is.

G - Give priority to your heart. - ISamuel 16:7 and ITim 4:8

U - Understand the subtlety (temptation) of your heart. - Jer. 17:9 and 1Kings 11:4

A - Accept responsibility for your heart. - Matt. 12:34

R - Recognize the hypocricy of your heart. - Matt. 15:7 and 8. REALITY.

D - Develop sensitivity of heart. Deut. 15: 7 and 8.

The one thing I needed to do was to find forgiveness for myself and the MM in my life so as not to harden my heart therefore forming a callus that would not benefit me or those I love in the future. Letting go of the pain over losing the man I love with all my heart is the very last step to healing. That is what I've learned after ending my A and it saved my life. Then the good Lord worked his wonder, took my pain once I gave it to Him and then gave me this message so I could in fact guard my heart in the future.

Needed to add this from a song called GUARD YOUR HEART.

GUARD YOUR HEART! Don't trade it for treasure; Don't give it away, A payment for pleasure; A high price to pay, For a soul that remains....sincere; A conscience clear, Guard your heart.

God speed and I hope with all my heart :) that no one was offended by reading this. Love to all.


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Nice post Gt - I enjoyed reading it.