I am Re-Tweened!

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I am Re-Tweened!
Fri, 11-16-2012 - 1:00pm

Am I allowed to declare this for myself? I have been re-tweened.
I lost my wings to an email (ugh! just 2 weeks shy of SUPER tweener status) on Aug 15 when I had a 'moment of weakness.' As of 11/15 (yesterday) I get 'em back!!! Gonna hold on tightly!!!!

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Fri, 11-16-2012 - 1:24pm

Yes....please!  Announce it loud and clear...even though when I say it out loud, I sound like Elma Fudd..hah!

I have it for today...but overlooked it because the index card said 'see over'...apparently I  STILL missed it because it was written at the bottom on the card...please excuse my miss, Miss.

Yay Miss!  And here's a new sturdier replacement set that will lift you up...up and away!...to Super Tweenerville in February!  And from a recent post of yours, you sound good...and there's no doubt in my mind that you will make it!



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Fri, 11-16-2012 - 1:31pm

Oh, you are excused.

And, I AM good.

I think, think, think I am over him.....!!

Only took 18 months, haha. Just because I daydream a little and remember him sometimes doesn't mean I still have feelings or actually want to be with him. So I won't be too hard on myself or let myself think I am not doing okay just because a song makes my stomach churn a little or I gulp when I catch a glimpse of his car by the office.

As long as I never actually see or speak to him again, I know I can keep this feeling of over-ness going.

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Fri, 11-16-2012 - 1:58pm

So happy to see you doing so much better since you first arrived here and reaching to a much better place.  You have opened the gate of hell with your determination and walked out a stronger and better person.  Congratulations !