It's Friday....and Forgiven is a TWEENER!!!!!!!

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It's Friday....and Forgiven is a TWEENER!!!!!!!
Fri, 04-27-2012 - 8:51am

Congrats to you, Forgiven!!


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Forgiven congratulations!!!!!! Those first few months are brutal but you made it through. The next three will go by at twice the speed. So proud of you and welcome to Tweenerville.


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Be proud!

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YAY!!!!!!!!!! Well done FORGIVEN!!!!

Now your really flying - keep it up :-) Looking forward to following you on your jouney!


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Congrats Forgiven!!! Those wings sure do look good on you!!! I know how difficult it was for you in the beginning but you stuck with it and earned those wings. Wear them proudly!


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You rock!

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Congratulations Forgiven!

Wear those wings with pride as you have worked so hard.

Much love

Yellow xx

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Yay! Huge congrats for this amazing mile stone F! it gets so much easier from this point forward.

Keep doing what you're doing!
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Way to go Forgiven!!! So glad to have you in Tweenerville :)
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So proud and happy for you, Dear!