It's Worthmore's Wednesday to become...

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It's Worthmore's Wednesday to become...
Wed, 08-15-2012 - 9:20am
A SUPER TWEENER!!!! WHOO HOO, look at you go!! I am not able to get my laptop to cooperate with me this morning and I have to head off to work...I will grant you your feathers and wings when I get back - unless one of you would like to beat me to it and by all means, do!! :smileyhappy::smileywink:

I am SO proud of you Worthmore. Keep up the amazing work as you fly into Vetville!!!


Hearts <3
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Yay Worthmore! That's a lot of feathers to flap! Congratulations!!

XO Daisy

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Congratulations Worthmore!!

Sunny Soon Xxx
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wTG Worthmore :smileyhappy:

You've been a great addition here and I know peeps have learnt a lot from you.
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Come out come out wherever you are!

You gotta get here and accept your wings and feathers because, girl, you sooooo deserve to! made it!  And before you know it, you'll be joining the ranks in Vetville.  I can't wait!



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[pant, pant]

I'm here! I wouldn't miss this for the world! I was all ready to toot my own horn with a super tweener self post but look what I found! Thanks.

I have a confession to make. I've been sitting on my hands for the last two weeks. I don't know what trigger I ran over, maybe it was just the upcoming super tweener date, but I spent some time on the verge of contacting xap. Now, before I freak out the Newbies, let me reassure everyone that I was never in danger of actually contacting him. First, it's a dead end proposition. If I were to contact him, he would think I had caved and I would have taught him that he could treat me badly without any consequences. (And I am all about consequences.)

Secondly, if I contacted him, I would end up where I was six months ago and then what would have been the point? I was broken and hurt six months ago. I am neither of those things today. I'm happy today. I'm present today. I wouldn't take six months' worth of giant backwards steps from happiness to broken for anything.

Finally, and this is just to sum up because I have six months of reasons why it would be the worst decision of my life (okay, second worst) to break NC. The being friends thing is a lie. We tried that. I meant it. I had intended to be his friend a year or more ago. I would send occasional notes about local events in his city and then I stopped because he wasn't responding or only minimally responding. So about six months or more went by when he didn't hear from me and then, on New Years' Eve or so, I sent a note to several friends and included him in the BCC list. He responded and within two emails we were right back at it. So, I know that any attempt to be friendly would be interpreted as sexual encouragement by him. I've learned too much the hard way to let that happen.

These last six months have taught me so much. 1) External validation is fleeting and must be constantly fed. 2) I'm happy with what I have. So lucky to have what I have. I need to earn that every day.

Six months in and I still haven't learned how to be brief. :smileyhappy:

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supertweener.jpg                    070428-Feathers.jpg

Mega ((((HUGS))))

Hearts <3

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Dear Worthmore!

I have followed you since you started your journey, and I'm so glad you made it, but I was never ever a split second in doubt you would. You have been so stong and amazing and so helpfull for everyone here.

So happy to see you join the ranks of supertweener - and I'll be seeing you a month after me in VETVILLE no doubt about it  :-)

Love WGO

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