Just ended my EA & feel so alone

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Just ended my EA & feel so alone
Sun, 03-23-2014 - 5:36pm

I've been having a very intense EA with an old friend from before I met my H for the last couple of months. We have been in contact almost every day and I have loved the attention that has been lacking in my marriage. We met a few days ago to talk things through with the possibility of taking them further though nothing happened then. I have since been torn and posted for advice online but sadly all the advice is what I know myself already... that I should not be doing this. So I have just ended the EA. And now I feel sick with unhappiness :-( Why is doing the right thing so hard? I know I'll be waiting for my phone to ring for the next days/weeks even though I have asked him not to contact me

Feeling terribly alone


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Tue, 04-08-2014 - 11:44am

Keep reading posts and through our Healing Library for strength and fortitude and to see that others found what it takes, became proactive and made it happen.  The HL is chock full of the ways and means to find your way out.

When you get to the point of enough is enough, sheer determination to end your affair will see you through the process of ending.

I feel for you.  To me there is nothing worse than keeping yourself in the 'wishing things could be different' mode...when they are not.  Knowing you should go NC and being committed to doing so is too different things.  

Let us know when you are ready and committed to doing so.


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