LC help

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LC help
Wed, 04-11-2012 - 8:48pm

Hi all,

I have been lurking for a couple of years (I posted once under "superwoman2010" but don't know how to re-activate that account).
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Wed, 04-11-2012 - 10:42pm
Hi Superwoman,
And a welcome to you coming to post your story here. Sounds like you have a treacherous situation here. One that can turn very ugly very fast. I am not an expert at LC, our former CL (memory eternal) was and she would be able to dish out a ton of very helpful advice. My advice to you is in our Healing Library if you haven't already. There are numerous posts dealing with LC.
<<<>>> You need to figure out what it is inside yourself that is allowing this man to have this sort of control over you. He obviously plays the power play game, not only with you, but with the other women in the office. This man sounds like a big-time player. And you have found yourself caught up in his game. But you are fighting. That is the important part. You have a wonderful H and a precious baby. Both are valid reasons to keep up this fight and begin the (not so easy) but necessary work within yourself to discover why you are finding yourself so vulnerable to this man's attentions.
Please keep posting here. We are here to support you through this tough situation.

Hearts <3
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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 4:01am

Hey Superwoman,

First a little intro - I am in a LC situation because of having a 3 year long A with a Colleague. So I think that makes me more than qualified to tell you this:


There is no soft and fuzzy way of saying this, so I am going to just get it out. You need to figure out what you need to do it stop the madness you have created. I am fully aware it takes 2 to tango, but

Every recovery is a kind of rebirth
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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 5:14am
Kudos to you for coming here and thus far staying strong and not caving to his advances. I am LC with my xAP boss and it's not pretty. You still have your integrity - don't throw it away. Believe me when I say that if you do you will be back here within the year broken. You may even have had a discovery day and witnessed the immense pain you will inflict on your H.

WGO covered it all. Read it again and put some serious action in place. HIS ATTENTION IS NOT FLATTERING BUT HIGHLY INSULTING. He is a player and he WILL crush you. Please read everything here that you can. You have shown great strength - keep going and stop anything with this man. You need to be completely in control of your behaviour. You are a challenge to him - don't let him bring you down.

Do the right thing.

Much love

Yellow xx

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves." ~Henry David Thoreau~

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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 7:54am
Wow, Yellow and WGO, amazing advice.

Superwoman, I would just add, what woukd haooen to your career if you did give in and then down the line the A ended (and they *always* end)? Couldn't he you the.good projects then? And isn't it very likely that he would? he.*already* punishes you?

An A with this man will not help your career. And you could lose everything.

Much love and strength to you.
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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 9:26am

Oh, and another thing.... this is no way to get ahead in the business world.

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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 10:18pm

Wow, so much great advice here.