Lyssa....... you sound so much like me!

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Lyssa....... you sound so much like me!
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:57pm
Not only because we both dislike this new board format! LOL I'm posting this as a new message because I can't figure out which END of a certain link to add it to...LOL This new format is not only NOT posting under the post we think it is but it also has a very messed up clock! As I'm typing this, it's not even 11:00 PM and I'm on eastern time... but the board is already showing that sweetblonde posted at 11:56 PM! Weird!

As for xMM, I too went back thinking that the FRIEND thing would work. I thought WE were different. Heck, I thought he was a caring human being. I was wrong on ALL counts!

Today, marks day 38 of NC for me and what is helping me get through it is NOT dwelling on why he did what he did or why he didn't do this or that. I'm just at that NUMB point when it comes to HIM. Period! At the same time, I'm working hard in trying to understand how I can get to a spiritual connection with God because accomplishing that task WILL be what will make me a stronger and better and healthier individual. And hopefully, an individual that will make better future choices.

Honey, you too need to stop dwelling on the past and what could have been but won't be. Start concentrating on what YOU can do to change yourself so that you'll never allow another JERK like that into your life.

It takes a lot of strength and courage to put these relationships behind us... but if I (and so many others here) can do it... I know you also can do it!

Just flush that man, his wife and the entire past down the toilet... After all, that is where they belong.

Love ya!


PS....This new format is frustrating me so if you want to email me, please do Hey, the preview message shows 12:25 AM and it's only 10:55 PM!!!

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 9:02am
Hi Sherry

Thank you for your post. I have been doing alot of thinking "soul searching" and one of awiagina's post really hit me hard earlier in the week. I have decided that you are right I need to "flush them down the toliet" so to speak. No energy I put into thinking about them and him and what they are doing is going to change a thing, I am not going to get any answers, and it is not well for me to obsess like this mentally or spirtually. I need to move towards acceptance, inner peace and making my life what I want it to be. I went to couseling and an Al Anon meeting this week and have found some tools that I think will help me move through acceptance and going forward with my life. I appreciate all your kind words. Everyone here is truly a beautiful person. I hope you are doing well. Let do something about changin this board format! It is becoming difficult to read!

Take Care, Lyssa