Newbi. I'm ready.

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Newbi. I'm ready.
Fri, 04-27-2012 - 9:04pm

Hello All~~

I have been a lurker for months.

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Fri, 04-27-2012 - 9:58pm
I am a newbie here as well

Congratulations on making your decision and strength to you
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Fri, 04-27-2012 - 10:03pm
Welcome to EAS and a huge congrats on taking this huge step to regaining your balance after that rocking roller coaster ride.
Can you share with us how you got involved with this A? Were things getting bad with your M?
I commend you for coming here. You have our support in this fight. It's a tough one, but we are all here to tell you that it is worth every second of the struggle.

Hearts <3
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Fri, 04-27-2012 - 10:11pm

Welcome aboard, kungpowcat (cute name)

Good for you for having the final word...well, final two words :)

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Sat, 04-28-2012 - 9:51am

Hi, KpC -

Welcome to the board!

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Sat, 04-28-2012 - 10:26am

Hey, Cat!

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Sat, 04-28-2012 - 2:32pm
I love your name :)
Welcome to EAS.
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Sat, 04-28-2012 - 11:18pm
Cat, (I really like your full name, too!)
I have to agree with Gypsy...the rainbows, pink ponies and lollipops had me laughing so hard...and the hot passionate sex comment did, too! BTW, is there a "right" way to have an A? I think we all kinda blew it there. What's right about something so wrong? lol
Twisted up wrong. You are untwisting, Cat!! I really see this happening and you are doing that right!!! :smileyhappy: Yay!
As far as the email you got...good for you for deleting. Now, is there a way you can get him on that "block" list? He sounds like a real fisherman to me.

Hearts <3
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Sun, 04-29-2012 - 7:09am

Kung!Pow!Cat! ...Yeah! with a name like that and the insights and droll humor you posted here you are going to be fine! Block and walk and post, the best medicine

Pow!er to ya


Coco x x