Pay back,,, you can do it!

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Pay back,,, you can do it!
Wed, 08-15-2012 - 7:39am

I've been a daily lurker for a long time. I've gathered lots of information from this site. I say the "Awakening" from the HL daily. Between you guys and lots of affirmations from several sources I've finally come to my awakening!

I have 2 amazing trips coming up and part of my awakening is that I AM achieving my dreams, I have SO much to be grateful for, a great home, job, family and friends and awesome opportunities in front of me.. the rest of my life will be the best of my life!

I offered xap the opportunity to come along with me and he declined, its HIS LOSS! No more shadows for me, no more tears... it is amazing how the tears slowed down after our mutual decision to stop the crazy 13 days ago. I've had a few tears here and there, but nothing like they were before.

I feel stronger each day. I'm not turning back this time, no way!!

Thank you to each and everyone of you and I hope this will give someone encouragement, because I feel like if I can do it anyone can!! He's been in my head for a solid 2 years and finally fading.

Good luck everyone and remember Louise Hays mantra "All is well, everything works out for my highest good. Out of any situation only good will come. I am safe."   Trust me, it works and you will be amazed to discover it becomes so true the more you say it. Right now I can say "All is AMAZING"


Take care,,

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Wed, 08-15-2012 - 9:26am

I'm happy that you joined the journey.

We only miss what could have been. I know I don't miss what it really was.

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Wed, 08-15-2012 - 11:16am

Oh wow, ksmiles4me...what an awesome and inspiring post!

Congratulations on your Awakening.  

I love that Manta.  Thank you for sharing it.  I hope others adopt it as well.

Keep it hummin'