a response to what you see

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a response to what you see
Sun, 10-28-2012 - 11:42am

Sorry. Still can't respond or see responses..only read the first in a thread..and can sporadically read or respond to p.m.'s...

so in response to what you see?

1. Special Day and I forgot.

2. Tell me what you see and what you don't

3. I miss you all.

4. Yoga is a tweener

5.Feel free to pm me if that is the only way...

Miss you all! But enjoying mi familia more and more daily. Hanging out in a condo on the beach on a gray morning. Watching our 18 year old ds show our 2 year old how to "steam roll" (roll over ) dad on the bed to wake him up! Grateful for  what I still have and realizing how close I have come to losing it all.

now..seeing if this posts (fingers crossed?)

  The difference between who you are and who you imagine yourself to be, is what you do.

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Mon, 10-29-2012 - 9:27pm

Thank RB....even though you can't read this. I appreciate you help.

I'm really happy to hear how you are enjoying your family.  I got the giggles envisioning your 18 year old teaching your 2 year old to steam roll dad...too cute.