At the risk of sounding like a broken

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At the risk of sounding like a broken
Mon, 11-12-2012 - 2:15pm

I have my 4th therapy session tonight. I cannot say it enough...If you are considering therapy, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  I COULD NOT figure out why this break-up was literally tearing me apart and I was having trouble just getting through a day.  The therapist has, in three sessions, identified several issues in my past that caused this break up to be a trigger for those issues.  When that happened all the things I had pushed down deep inside came to the surface so I was experiencing past pain along with the fresh pain.  I am also discovering that not only did I (and still do) love my AP, I was (and am still to a degree) addicted to him also.  You may be telling yourself that you don't have emotional issues from the past that could possibly be bad enough to be contributing to not healing.  My issues were not HUGE either...but talking about the dynamics within my family helped me understand that some things that happened were not intentional but still could have created the abandonment issues and low self esteem that possibly led to WHY I ever placed myself in this situation to begin with. Understanding that has helped me be much more honest with myself about the actual relationship.  I was digusted with the situation long ago, but I held on because I was AFRAID to let him go. Such a horrible way to live and I hope if anyone here is debating seeking therapy you will seriously consider it. 

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Play away...that broken record!  I can't stress it enough, and it certainly helps when others re-enforce the benefits of seeking therapy.  

I think most of us find that most of our issues stem from childhood experiences.  It's helpful when a professional draws them out and brings them to the surface.  At times, we feel like one raw exposed nerve and everyfreakin'body is stepping on it, but we need to open old wounds, flush them out so they can heal probably.

I am so happy that you are benefitting from therapy.



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Couldnt have put it better myself honey. I scoffed at my therapist at our first session when she started the childhood/family convo. I don't have huge issues either but they were there enough for sure. Keep going and keep learning honey. Much love Yellow x

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