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Sat, 08-04-2012 - 4:59pm

Ran into the mall this afternoon...with my DS. It is his birthday and we are going away tomorrow and I was looking for a some things....I was freshly showered....pretty sun dress, great jewelry and I was feeling good about myself.  On the way out, guess who is walking in....yup XAP with his DS....(our son's were very good friends) Then he says look it's the ...... Our last name...... and he says how are you doing??  I wouldn't have said anything if my DS wasn't there....I said we are great thanks and I kept my head held high and I kept on walking!!!  I saw him pause as if he actually thought in his little head that we would actually ever have a conversation!!!  NOPE!  Not this chick...Been down that road before and you didn't even deserve the 4 little words that I said.  Then as I left the mall I wanted to jump up and click my heals and say YES, I didn't have a reaction - thoughts no remorse no saddness no nothing!!  What a great feeling!  It also helped that I looked good, LOL!  I guess that doesn't matter...but it helped! 

Just wanted to share.  Thanks...



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Sat, 08-04-2012 - 5:18pm
Hi For2012 - that is great! Especially that you felt so good afterwards -that is the best no looking back for you! And I think you should click your heels - and then go buy some new ones AND more power jewelry... Daisy
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Yay Forgiven!!!!!!!!!!! It is SO encouraging to hear your story...cause it proves that NC and time DOES heal! We get stronger!! You were amazing - what a difficult scenario considering that your DS's were good friends and handled that in such a way that set an example for all of us! :smileywink: I often wonder if I will ever run into mine somewhere around town - it will most likely be inevitable given our town, though not teeny, is not big either and I run into all sorts of other people in random places. My prayer is, of course, that my H is with me, but if not, a child or two would be great. Even if I was alone, I have a plan in mind already. Turn and RUN!! lol...or walk fast. :smileyhappy:

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You looked great!  You behaved with great aplomb.  And no after effects...just great!