*singing* Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you...

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*singing* Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you...
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 1:39pm

...Getting to like you, Getting to hope you like me. 

We spend a lot time doing the hard work of figuring ourselves out...it's good to put aside some time for fun :smileyhappy:  

Here's five questions...please join in.

1.  Your name and NC date...okay, a little business thrown in first....just so I know

2.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

3.  If you could excel at an instrument, what would it be?

4.  What do you consider your strengths?

5.  Who do you think you most closely resemble as far as an actress or actor is concerned.  Feel free to avoid this one if you think it might be too much info.

I get to go first!

1.  withclarity...don't have an NC date....the concept of NC was not yet entertained here on EAS until some years later, but I've been uninvolved with JAM coming up on 10 years.

2. I want to be a singer...and if you ever heard me sing, you'd be laughing your ass off and saying don't quit your day job, even though I am not working.

3. The piano

4. My sense of humor and ability to see and cut through foggy thinking.

5.  If my hair were short, maybe Rhea Perlman. 

Your turn!


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1. 7th jan 2012
2. A princess
3. It would be pretty cool to be able to whip out a guitar and knock out a few tunes.
4. I'm a realist. Call a spade for a spade most of the time :-)
5. Cher (Alicia Silverstone) if I was a blonde from the film "Clueless" - mostly because I am ;-)

Love WGO
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1. My name is Heartsofsix and my NC date as well as D-Day was Feb. 23, 2011.  Moving on...

2. I want to be an equine assisted therapist when I grow up.

3.  If I could excel at an instrument (besides always striving for excellence on the violin) it would be CELLO.

4. My strengths are my outgoing personality and my smile.  :smileyhappy:

5. I was told I looked like someone on the show Friends, but since I don't watch TV, I have no idea who that was.

And I have to add a #6....Clarity, I was PLEASED as the color PURPLE to see your name in PURPLE today!!!!!  You will make an incredible CL...you are extremely essential to this board.  Now it is time for me to head for "lurkdom".  Have to attend to my depression issues as well as loads of RL stuff. 

See ya!!  (((((HUGS)))))


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1. Nowaynohowneveragain....Noway for short! NC date: Oct 18, 2011

2. A gourmet cook

3. Flute

4. My sense of humor and my loyalty.

5. Not a clue!!!! LOL

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1. Happy, NC Sept 19, 2011.  Here's an anecdote to go along:  My very first post on EAS (old user name) was exactly one year ago today.

2. Young and sexy, yes I am shallow

3. A stethoscope

4. My curiosity and stubbornness

5. Sally Fields, or so I've been told...

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1. Sunny Soon NC May 8th 2012

2 When I grow up I want to be a vet (the working with animals kind)

3 I would like to excel at playing violin instead of just being mediocre

4 Im a good listener

5 have been told I resemble Jodie Foster but I dont see it. I have though for much of this year morphed myself into being Myrel Streep or at least her character in bridges of madison county (well in my fantasy fogged up climb out of A I was) and hey I was good :smileyhappy:

Sunny Soon

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1. I'm Kim. D-day was five years ago this month, though I don't want to remember the specific date.

2. I don't want to grow up and you can't make me.

3. Drums.

4. I am a funny girl. :smileyhappy:

4a. I care. A lot. And I have endless amounts of compassion and empathy and understanding.

5. Um...I have no idea. I used to hear Meg Ryan - before she went and did horrible, horrible things to her face. (FISH FACE!)

6. Happy you're here, Clare-Bear.

7. I know, there was no 6 OR 7. I just like to be a rebel.




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Ksmiles; NC Aug 3, 12 (last time we talked was 2nd)

beach bum or live on a cruise ship

guitar, or I'd like to learn the piano

helping others, listening

don't know.....

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1. My name is Worthmore. My NC date is Feb 15, 2012.
2. Powerful.
3. Piano/guitar (I'm good at the former, lousy at the latter, love both)
4. Diplomacy, kindness and impeccable spelling and grammar (at least I think impeccable is spelled with two c's :smileywink:)
5. Okay, there's an actress who plays bit parts in lots of big movies. Don't know her name. I guess that's not helpful but that's who I look like.
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1. Your name and NC date...

Progression Feb. 16th 2012

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Me :-)

3. If you could excel at an instrument, what would it be?

The computer

4. What do you consider your strengths?


5. Who do you think you most closely resemble as far as an actress or actor is concerned. Feel free to avoid this one if you think it might be too much info.

Who "I" THINK I look like.....or who I WANT to look like...ha ha ha

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Coco and final NC date ws March 13 2012

I want to be Amelia Earhart please


courage, compassion and artistic-ness

I have been told on many occassion that I am twin of Cate Blanchett, which I can deal with :smileyhappy:


CC x x x