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Fri, 07-27-2012 - 10:57am

I am a SUPERTWEENER today!!  Yay me!!!  It has been a long road of ups and downs for the first three months.  The last three have been me not looking back, not giving into the thoughts and emotions (NOT EASY) and reinventing myself and falling in love again with my Real Life!  The Lord and prayer have been my strength and peace. I am forgiven and learning to love me....God made me the way that I am and he makes no mistakes.  He loves me just the way that I am with all my quirkiness, faults, silliness and doubtfulness...He will get me through anything.  I am never alone. 

Thanks everyone for the wisdom and the tough love and truths alone this journey.  I am grateful for each and everyone of you.  I pray for peace, love and happiness for all of you!  God Bless!  :heart:


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Fri, 07-27-2012 - 7:55pm
FORGIVEN!!! Please forgive me (lol) for being late on the were on my mind alot today and since I had to work, I could not get you your well-deserved wings and feathers to accompany those...I am on my phone at the moment, but if you give me just a bit more time, I will get right on it!! YOU are amazing and I am so incredibly proud of you! :smileyhappy:

Hearts <3
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Fri, 07-27-2012 - 8:43pm
Wonderfully done!!
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Fri, 07-27-2012 - 9:22pm
Woo-hoo! Congratulations. I'll bet the view is good from up there. You deserve it
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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 12:16am
Gaw-geous work, and Gaw-geous feathers! I have such hopes at 3 months, to follow you to Supertweener status. I love the idea that the next three months will be a little less 'retro"!

XO Daisy
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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 12:52am
Way to go Forgiven :smileyhappy:
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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 9:00am
Thank you everyone!!! I appreciate all of you!!
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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 9:01am
No worries Hearts!!! I feel the love!!!! You, too are amazing!