Thanks for your thoughts yesterday.....

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Thanks for your thoughts yesterday.....
Wed, 05-07-2003 - 9:19am
you guys have helped me through these rough times more than you will ever know. I am feeling a little better today. I am tired of being pulled in to an abyss of sadness everytime I allow him to open old wounds with his sweet words and then he pushes me away again when I don't hear from him. I know that I'm allowing him to have control over me and I need to stay strong and take control of myself. Now ofcourse today I'm saying these things and he probably has some form of ESP and knows that I'm feeling stronger today, so I'll get an e-mail from him. The smart thing is to block him and delete the e-mails but I get curious and it is a great ego boost for about 2'm thinking I just enjoy the torture or I would not put up with the nonesense from him and the bs from my husband. I thought I would be much smarter at 30 but I think I've headed

Hope you all are staying strong and having a good week so far!!

Love ya,


Karry - - who is learning to embrace life on her own raising her miracle, Carley Paige

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Wed, 05-07-2003 - 9:53am
Hey hun I am also 30 and soon to be 31 (ugh) I think all of us are learning. Just remember WHAT exactly is boosting your ego. Is he and the let downs really REALLY worth all that? Try and focus on PRIDE and INTEGRITY and the ego boost you will recieve from living your life with both of those. WE are 30 and it is time to grow up (as tough as that is sometimes (wink) ) Smile and today take personal strength that you are moving forward and leaving the baggage (ie:guilt and NO WIN situation)behind.



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Wed, 05-07-2003 - 10:22am
Racy, your words of strength are so encouraging. I wouldn't have said anything different to Karry. You were clear and concise. You are well on your way my friend. Yes, in the end, we are all responsible ONLY FOR OUR BEHAVIOR.

Karry, you keep working on it. You know what you need to do with both the MM and your DH. And we will all be here for you until you decide it is time.

Love all around.