Well, I guess I'm on the back-sliding

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Well, I guess I'm on the back-sliding
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 11:51am
band-wagon. I've started talking to xMM more again. Yes, it started with just business stuff. (For those of you who don't know, xMM is Sean's business partner/associate) I am very invovled with the business, therefore some contact is necessary. I was ok with that until I realized how much I still miss him. (It's been almost a year since we were together) It's not the great sex I miss so much anymore as the companionship.

Since I moved back home with Sean I've been pretty isolated from friends. Well, from family, too, but that's by choice! Some nasty stuff going on there that I just don't want to be involved in! But, when Carl (DS) and I had our our own place, we were right in the middle of town, just 2 blocks from one of my best friends. That made it real easy to socialize with his friends as well as mine. There was almost always someone around besides just the two of us. We had friends ove for dinner, for BBQs, for games and movies, just to kick it! I thrive on being around people!!

Since I've been back here it's pretty much just me and Sean and the kid. Oh, and MIL. There's not much of an option for friendly dinners and impromptu BBQs. We're way on the outskirts of town. Best Friend mentioned above doesn't drive. Our days off don't coincide. I spend a LOT of time up at the store trying to help got the business off the ground. There's seldom a day of the week that goes by that I'm not working on something even if it's here at home!

Well, I'm off to see xMM at his new office. It is business related but I'm sure there'll be other discussed as well. I don't want to nor do I have any wish to redevelop the affair. Please send me your strength and best wishes to get through this initial meeting.


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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 11:56am
Hi Chris,

Good luck with your meeting today!!! I know it will be hard to see him and keep your feelings in check (not sure if I could do it...) but I just wanted to wish you good luck!!!


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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 3:48pm
Sounds like in some ways we are not far apart in our journey... I just posted about friendship with our XMM...

Do you think you can handle being friends with him? When you say you miss the companionship, does that have to cross a line with him, or can you become friends again after a period of time... Asking the same things I just asked in the other thread, sorry...

Hugs - I hope you are ok at the meeting...