Yoga is a Tweener!

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Yoga is a Tweener!
Fri, 10-26-2012 - 10:51am

Congratulations, Yoga!

Three months NC...3 months affair free.  

Haven't seen you around lately and wonder which 'under the rubble category' you fall into or if you are simply out there getting on with your life.

Please accept these Tweener Wings...down below is the link.  Wear them proudly because we know how hard the first three months can be, but you made it! Super Tweenerville just another 3 months away will be here before you know it.

Please post in if you are able, or PM, me with an update to let us know how you are doing.



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Sat, 10-27-2012 - 8:55am

Hi Yoga! Congratulations my love on your tweenership, you've made an amazing recovery and I'm so proud of you, and pleased for you. I read your post on AYA but then couldn't find it again to post a reply to you there, but I am absolutely delighted for you that you are doing so well, and that you have managed to garner an understanding of yourself, your A and your xAP and that you have made such fantastic progress.

Much love to you my sweet, Soglad x o x

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Fri, 10-26-2012 - 5:59pm

Wow Yoga!

Three months! where did they go to. Congratulations hun you so deserve this. Enjoy those wings


Sunnysoon Xxx