How many times have you "broken up?"

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How many times have you "broken up?"
Sat, 09-06-2003 - 6:38pm
Just wondering. My MM and I ended it 3 days ago. This happened 6 months ago also.

He called after 11 days. Both times we ended it because of guilt. Both times I was the one

who brought it up and he took it and ran with it. Both times it came after we seemed to

be getting closer. Ours was an emotional affar (1 year), but seemed to be heading for


I am feeling better today and this time has been much easier than last time. He sounded

very resolved about this when we last spoke and I truly do NOT expect a phone call, but then, he sounded very resolved 6 months ago, too.

So, though I know this is for the best, I can't help but wonder.... How many times

did you and your MM end it before it really, really ended??


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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 2:07pm
I just wanted to say all the posts on this topic have been very enlightening to me.

Thankyou all for giving me extra strength through your words and your wisdom.

Hugs and Love to you all.


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Sat, 10-04-2003 - 11:10pm
i am glad to come across this post. here i have been so hard on myself for not ending it completely the moment i found out he was married. i have always been a "love'em and leave'em" type who likes a clean break, but for some reason i went back to my MM for 2 more months of guilt and pain. we're on our second break-up--over a month since I've seen him and 1st day of NC--still a long road to go. . .
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Sun, 10-05-2003 - 2:56pm
YOU CAN and WILL do it this time. I can tell! I broke up with my MM about five times before it really "took." I also tried the friends thing. It only lasted for five months. And I had to co-exist with him for three months after our relationship ended because we worked together. I'm in a new job now, making lots more money and looking forward to better opportunities for myself.

It's a hard road, but you will make it.