Almost DDAY

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Almost DDAY
Sun, 10-28-2012 - 10:22pm

Out of the blue, my H asks for the password to check our cellphone account online, which shows the phones numbers only for every incoming and outgoing phone call and text message.  WTF.  It was close to the new bill date which resets the log, so I was able to hold him off for a day.  We also discussed it so much, he decided he no longer wanted to see it.  I gave him the password, but I changed it and gave him the old one...I informed EAP not to call or text me, that I had to lay low for a while.  I even told him I could no longer play words w friends with him.  We did email a little, this happened last Wednesday, so its been a few days.  While its been difficult not to text him regularly nor talk in the am, I am ok with it.  I realized tow things...1.  I really do talk to him ALOT. and 2. It is way easier than I thought it would (not sure what that mean and I do realize the threat of a D-Day helped that).

Side note------the new boards are not user friendly.  I am missing PMs,  and I had difficulty reading responses and responding to threads.