And so it begins...

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And so it begins...
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 3:08pm

Ya'll warned me it would be complicated and I fully expected it to be but I almost had to knock my friend down a few pegs today.  

Yesterday cowboy came in for what we'd hoped would be a chance for a little kissnhug since we were both in a rotten mood from Tuesday.  Right before he pulled in, one of my co-workers (friend) that is supposed to be gone since we're "off season" now decides to come in and work.  I quickly texted him and he decides to come in anyway because he just wants to see me at least.  Parked just right so we got a few kisses in but this woman is such a flutterer that it was hard to enjoy it.  Then in walks the other co-worker (who is also supposed to be gone in off season) and she follows us around like a puppy dog.  He tried to outlast her but either she knew something was up (doubtful) or she just couldn't take a hint (more likely with her).  It was one of the most frustrating afternoons I've had in a while.  Every time I looked up and saw him looking at me, I wanted to say screw it and throw myself at him.  NOW I get it.

Today he texted me and said he needed to see me and had a couple of hours.  I told him that co-worker #1 was here again and that I'd promised her lunch so unless he knew where we could meet outside of here, all he was going to get was me and text.  He asked if he could join us for lunch so I told him what time and where and we just happened to meet him there.  Except that my co-worker felt like it was a set up.  His truck was completely hidden from view behind the building so I could honestly say that I didn't see it.  She just kept railing on about how I was married and he was married and this wasn't right and how she didn't like being set up.  She said she was joking but I finally told her she needed to cut it out because I spend too much time alone with him for that kind of rumor to get started.  I wasn't mean about the way I said it but I did shake my finger at her and you know that the shaking finger means "don't cross me biotch or I'll make you bleed"

I'm going to see him again tomorrow ...albeit in a public setting where we have to behave.  

So this is the life huh?  Bits of heaven and bits of hell.  Frustration gives way to satisfaction gives way to frustration.   How do you figure out safe meeting spots?  I told him today that being that this is my first time, I don't have a ready list of places to go make out.  I would REALLY like to have said list right now.

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Thu, 08-16-2012 - 10:41pm
Finding a safe spot is hard as there is always a chance someone may still see you and it come up in casual conversation. Stay steps ahead and have a back up plan for explanations. But that will Help with some of the build up of trying to figure out how to be alone. It can be frustrating as well when it falls thru which you have already found out. Hang on for the ride and when it gets rough, find a good thought of him of when you were together...that first kiss, the way he smells, something funny or sweet he has said, anything and hang on to it and it will get you thru the tough times. Best of luck to you!!