Another cowgirl/boy update

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Another cowgirl/boy update
Sat, 12-15-2012 - 9:38pm

I'm all moved in.  He spent all of last weekend at my new place helping me set it up.  Took me to meet his mom, who was rather shocked to see me (had to explain to Cowboy that surprising your mom with your new girlfriend is probably not a good idea) but seemed to warm up to me pretty quick.  His sister found me on facebook, friended me and said that she can't wait to meet me.  We spent the week at his house because it's easier on him.  I am thoroughly amused that his dogs love me more than they love him.  

I kind of wondered if us seeing each other daily was going to make it to where I wouldn't see him at work anymore.  It's a good 20 min. drive to where I work and less than 5 min. to my house.  Friday morning when I left, I told him I wouldn't get to see him until Sunday (the kids came to my house this weekend).  He showed up at noon on Friday to spend the rest of the afternoon with me.  He flew through his morning of work and drove 20 minutes to see me when he had just been with me 4 hours before.  I felt romanced ;)

This morning, my youngest said she wanted to go out on the river on a boat.  I texted him jokingly and he said, "Let's do it."  I wasn't so sure.  I JUST left their dad a week ago so I wasn't so sure that it was a good time to introduce a new guy.  So I called my ex and he said he didn't care if they went out so an hour later, we're blasting down the river.  They LOVE him.  I think my oldest knows he's more than just someone I work with but she warmed up to him quickly and loved that he picked on me.  I watched him teaching my youngest survival skills so she can survive the zombie apocolypse.  They even built a shelter on a gravel bar.  He taught my oldest how to skip rocks and taught both of them how to row a boat.  My youngest looked at him and said, "Best. Day. EVER."  He asked them if they'd like to go back out when it's hot outside and go swimming and they said yes.  

I love him like crazy but seeing him with my kids, laughing and joking and looking so relaxed. . . let me tell you, that drove me so much deeper into love. Everything about us feels right.

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Fri, 12-21-2012 - 11:23am

I haven't commented before (at least not that I remember), but I have followed your posts for months.

Hope you don't mind that it flows like a romance novel and I for one can't wait for the next chapter :D

Glad things are working out for you two.