Had the "what would you do" talk today...

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Had the "what would you do" talk today...
Tue, 09-11-2012 - 6:59pm

Crazy man drove an hour to sit on my truck's tailgate in the park and just talk to me for the only hour I had free today.  The conversation came around to a point where I figured I might as well ask.  "Have you ever thought about what you'll do when we get caught?"  After all, we're sitting in a public park and I had to drive through town with him in my truck to get there.  He said, "Every single day.  I wouldn't deny it.  I'd pack a bag and tell her she had a month to get out."  He's starting to open up about his family and I'm starting to understand why people that have known him for years couldn't tell you much about his kids or W.

So as I'm sitting there letting it soak in, I told him that the big problem with that route is that his kids would absolutely hate me.  They're all grown but still.  He claims he doesn't care what they think of me but he talks about his bio kids (he has 2 stepkids too) enough that I can't imagine that holding true.  I mean, I honestly think he would stand by me but that's a high cost.

I am crazy for him.  I have no idea how this will turn out but I can't help be an optimist with him around.

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Cowgirl, I think your mind is making some major jumps.  Please don't forget that you are totally in the newlywed stage of an A, and both people say things and feel things that can be very dramatic.  Unfortunately, most of the time, as the reality of life sets in during the next year after that point, people back off of the idea of taking drastic action.  That is not to say at all that it won't happen, but it usually doesn't happen, even when men are saying they very same thing your AP is saying.  It's best to protect your heart now by having few expectations, and while you often say you are just enjoying the moment, your posts reflect a much more serious intent and more serious expectations.  Be careful!!!