I miss him so much maybe....

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I miss him so much maybe....
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:22am
it is because the weather is so bad today it is rainy and dark outside, i am sleepy and i want my mm, i just had to act like a spoiled little girl for a moment, i called him yesterday early and not a call all day and now it is a new day and still no call, i wish i could just take him away for a weekend and just spend the whole times in his arms in a great big bed . i a so glad i can dream cause thats all that is, is a dream, i asked mm recently if his w was going anywhere so we can have some time and of course he said no and that was that, he acts at times as if he doesn't want this special situation we share, then other times its great he makes me feel so special most of the time and he smells soooo good, i just miss him and it's hard when you are use to seeing each other everyday m-f and now i am lucky to see him, at one time he said i spent more time with you then my w and that was great i love his touch,smile, kisses and i miss all that, wow i wish he would call and put that smile back on my face. thanks for listening.