Just checking in

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Just checking in
Fri, 10-19-2012 - 7:35am

Sorry I haven't been around much.  I started a new job that won't let me get on the computer and once I get home I don't dare get on this site or anything else where the H might find it. 

All in all I'm feeling really crappy, I hate my job but it's a job.  Other things have been going on and it's just been one heck of a year.  So since my birthday in September I've been good about not calling or texting AP.  He wanted to slow down so I gave it to him.  We will talk about normal stuff if we see each other out but talking any other way, nope it's not happening.  We do still meet up at least 1 every two weeks, sometimes every week.  But it seems like that's all we text or call for.  So Monday night when we went to meet up I told him how I felt about it.  I asked him first if we were friends and he said yeah why wouldn't we be.  I than told him that it seems like the only time we talk was when we wanted to meet up and I didn't like that.  He looked at me and said yeah I know I can't stand it either.  I thought WOW we are on the same wave length again.  Woohoo.  I told him that he's the one who said we had to slow down on talking and he told me on texting not on calling.  Well I can't call, not at my work.  I can text and I can email but not call.  So I sent him a text yesterday with a solution of setting up email accounts where nobody would know and we could talk.  I never got anything back from him.  Which really has me pissed to say the least. 

So I'm back it seems to square one.  Part of me wants to call him right now and complain and the other part of me just doesn't even want to bother anymore

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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 9:01am

Any job stinks, but sorry yours isn't the best, but you are correct, in today's economy, it's a job. 

You are definitely going through the ups and downs of the A.  When you are together, everything is wonderful, and when you are not, then things have the tendency to go wrong.  I'm sorry that you are ticked off.  He should at least have the decency to respond, and believe me, I go through the not responding also and the mia.  It sucks.  Try not to take it to heart, it isn't you.


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