Near miss....

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Near miss....
Wed, 08-29-2012 - 2:13pm
Okay, so I've returned sooner than I thought I would. My plan to not contact my potential AP did not work. Apparently I have no self-control. Yesterday I decided to e-mail him playdate pictures of his LO and my kids. He responded with great pics and "I may be free tomorrow morning if you'd like to have a Playdate" - meaning today, which is the one day I work. (he knows this) . And, b/c I have no self-control, asked what time he was thinking. After going back and forth we decided we'd meet at my place. Only that when he walked over my neighbor saw him. So I pretended to give him a bag of something, he left walking, and then I picked him up at the corner and we drive to nearby park. Had we stayed home, I'm sure we would have had sex. At the park we talked a little and engaged in foreplay...until some guy decided to go to park and we left.
I know this guy is emotionally unavailable. I've come to terms with this. But for some reaso. I really want to go through with this. Ugh! Maybe it's the novelty and excitement of it all. Anyway, just need to tell someone.
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Wed, 08-29-2012 - 4:29pm

Yikes!  My rule of thumb is to never bring AP's anywhere near the home.  It's just too risky for a whole slew of reasons.  If this guy really wants to meet up and he needs to "woo" you.  At least have him flip for a room.  Believe it or not you have all the control in the affair, but you just need to assert it.  :smileywink: