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We were planning our ride for this weekend and I suggested he invite his sister and niece.  So he did.  And they said yes.  And I had a panic attack and felt sharp pains in my chest (not really but my heart did race).  His sister said she got chills when he told her that I had asked him to invite them.  His STBX has never liked riding and had nothing to do with the sister so they're curious about me - the girl wonder that appears to have been created just for Cowboy ;)

But seriously, I'm now picturing me sitting there on my horse and spontaneously falling off.  Or sounding like a total dork.  When I get nervous, I either talk too much or clam up completely.  Lord help me.  I'm meeting the woman in the family second only to his mother.Surprised

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If it's meant to be, all will go well. Sounds like you are already a favorite with some family members, based on what you've said. I'm so happy for you.  It must be amazing to be in love and have it all working out. Clearly that STBX had some serious issues relaxing with his family. You got this girl - you're a natural!  Just enjoy and be happy in this new extended family!